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1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small files, which are saved and stored on user’s computer, tablet or smartphone, while he or she visits different websites.
A cookie usually contains the name of website, from which it comes from, cookie’s lifespan and randomly generated, unique number,
which is used to identify a browser, with the use of which a user is connecting to a website.
2. What are cookies used for?
On website we use cookies for different purposes:

  • to make a website work better and be easier to use,
  • to better adjust contents on a website to users’ expectations and interests,
  • to gather anonymous, aggregated statistics, which make it possible to understand how users browse a given website
    and help improve its functionality and contents,
  • for marketing purposes.

While using cookies as described above, we never identify the identity of users on the basis of information stored in cookies.
3. How long is data stored in cookies?
On website cookies of permanent kind may be used. They are stored in user’s device until they expire
or till a user deletes them.
4. Kinds of cookies used on website
Cookies are used on the website to collect information on the way users browse the website: which areas they visit,
how much time they spend doing it and which problems they encounter, for example error messages.
It enables us to improve website performance.
5. How can a user change the settings concerning cookies or delete them?
Most Internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. However, a user can change browser settings to block them
– completely or partially, for example only third-party cookies. You can also get a message every time cookies are sent to user’s device.
More information on cookies management is available in “Help” section in Internet browser’s menu or on the website:
However, you need to keep in mind, that if you block cookies used on a given website, it will prevent us from gathering anonymous information
on visits on the website and consequently improving its contents.


Individually selected
high grades
of ceramic-metals
for cores and coatings
together with
advanced geometry
provides high performances
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TCT-Rail core drills for cutting rails
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Extended tool life and efficiency


FORMING TAPS - the chipless processing
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